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British Academy Award for “Data Work” Project

I propose to complete a book manuscript on the future of work based on over a decade of qualitative research on data-driven transformation in the construction industry. Contrary to received wisdom, my research shows that when faced with new categories of data in their jobs, front-line ‘data workers innovated to incorporate new data into the existing social structures of their workplaces. The data, funded by US NSF, includes 350 interviews and 8 years of participant-observation in 3 teams work who designed and built a hospital, a major research laboratory, and a 40-storey high-rise building. I have co-authored 28 journal and conference publications based on this research to date. For this project, I will complete a book manuscript in the sociology of technology that focuses the experience of digital transformation for workers in construction and the lessons that their experience holds for others in the era of AI and big data.

How Do Engineers Translate and Teams Synthesize?

My team and I have been awarded $432,009 from the National Science Foundation, for a project called “Reduce Energy Consumption Through Integrated Design: How Do Engineers Translate and Teams Synthesize?” and I’ll be serving as Co-PI. (more…)

NSF Support for My Doctoral Student

I’m proud to have been awarded $11,825 from the National Science Foundation to support the work of one of my graduate students Brittany Fiore-Silfvast.  The award is “Doctoral Dissertation Research: The Informationalization of Healthcare: Shifting Subjectivities, Organizational Forms and Ways of Knowing in the U.S. and India” and while procedurally I’m named as PI the funds will support her excellent work.

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