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Book Review: Self-Tracking in Contemporary Sociology

Thank you for this generous review in Contemporary Sociology.

Elizabeth Popp Berman and Daniel Hirschman. 2018. “The Sociology of Quantification: Where are we now?” Contemporary Sociology 47, 3: 257–266.

Does AI Have Gender?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence make extraordinary discoveries possible, and autonomous systems are being rolled out in vital business and social settings including healthcare, policing, and education. Assumptions about the neutrality and objectivity of data may encode serious social and political bias into the results. High-profile examples show how these systems already incorporate into their design human flaws, biases, and assumptions, especially about women and their role in society. In this talk, Professor Gina Neff will show that explicitly thinking about gender in AI will help designers make AI systems that help humans make better—and fairer—decisions.

Why Should Social Scientists Start Working With Big Data?

Professor Gina Neff, Oxford Internet Institute, talks about the importance of social scientists getting involved with big data and computational methods.