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Book Review: Surviving The New Economy in the Journal of Labor and Society

Thank you Dan Jacoby for reviewing Surviving The New Economy:

This prescient volume of essays edited by John Amman, Tris Carpenter and Gina Neff was published just as a second nail was being driven through the heart of the “new economy.” Their work provides significant insights into the transformations affecting work, workers, and organization in our troubled “new economy.” Both as a review of the ways in which the “ownership society” was sold and bought and as a review of options labor still has in front of it, this book remains relevant even after the current financial fiasco finishes pounding the remains of “free agent” optimism against the wall of harsh circumstances. Where the perception that workers willingly embraced substantial employment risks had survived a first nail, which came in the form of the dot-com crash, this second blow to the economy surely indicates how little choice workers have in the matter. U.S. workers will either have to tolerate this new situation or demand and design a new “new deal.”

Dan Jacoby. 2009. Working USA 12(4):650–653.

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