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Smartphones vs. Doctors: Who Knows More about Your Health?

Here is a nice write up at the Intel Blog about my collaborations with their research team on health data.  Intel Labs has supported my work on a project called “Organizational Adoption of and Adaptation to Patient Biosensor Data.”

As more people use smartphones, laptops and wearable computers to track their daily wellness, the resulting deluge of personal health data threatens to overwhelm doctors. The surge of data driven by the quantified self trend has put more detailed health records on many people’s mobile phones than what appears on a doctor’s chart, according to a University of Washington researcher. “One doctor told us, ‘I know how to manage three blood pressure readings taken in my clinic, but I don’t know how to manage 10,000 readings taken at a person’s home,” said Gina Neff, an associate professor who runs the Project on Communication Technology and Organizational Practices at UW.

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