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Themes in Recent Research on AEC Project Collaboration

Recent research in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) project collaboration links AEC content issues with theoretical foundations in sociology, communication, and organization science. This has important potential for how research might better understand collaborative AEC work. Through a select review of recent papers from major construction and design journals, we mapped eight content themes in AEC Project Collaboration: social foundations, communication practices, organizational studies and management, technology, knowledge and learning, leadership and power, identity, and integration measures. From the interrelationships existing between these themes, we demonstrate how the mapping can outline the thematic content relationships of an existing AEC study as well as be used as a projective tool to generate relationships for new studies. Using this generative capacity of the mapped themes, a number of focus areas are proposed that help direct future research efforts


Monson, Christopher, Carrie Sturts Dossick, and Gina Neff.  “Themes in Recent Research on AEC Project Collaboration,” Proceedings of the Engineering Project Organizations Conference, Edinburgh, June, 14pp.