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Data Empathy: Learning from health care

I just published an essay on Medium about what the dinosaurs of health care can teach health startups.

Nude pictures of celebrities stolen from their own iCloud accounts. Facebook experimenting with the emotions in their users’ feeds. Google reading Gmail before their users do. Fitness trackers without privacy policies, vulnerable to security breaches, and bait-and-switch tactics to sell customers’ data. Almost every day there is a story about the gap between the expectations people have for their own data and what companies actually do with that data. To fix this gap, we first need to rethink the nature of data.

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HealthFoo Ignite Talk: Let’s Flip the Chart

This ignite talk was prepared for HealthFoo 2013 in San Francisco, California, and is about the great variety of ways that “data” can be interpreted by the different participants in modern health care.

In the Battle Over Personal Health Data, 23andMe and the FDA Are Both Wrong

Just wrote for Slate’s Future Tense on the current regulator battles over personal health data.

Last month, the FDA told 23andMe to stop marketing direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits. The FDA wants assurance that the company has “analytically or clinically validated” the genetic data that they provide their customers. The company has claimed that it provides information and data, not medical advice, but this week it announced that for now, it will only sell “raw” genetic data analysis and ancestry reports, just not health interpretations.

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