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Will Data from Wearable Devices Help Doctors Get in Tune with Patients?

Here is a nice write up at the Intel Wearable Tech Blog about my collaborations with their research team on health data.  Intel Labs has supported my work on a project called “Organizational Adoption of and Adaptation to Patient Biosensor Data.”

Answering ‘how you’re doing’ may get the conversation started in the doctor’s office but what if your physician was well versed in your genetic makeup and had a diagnosis pretty in hand well before you arrived at the office? What’s keeping you from having a closer relationship with your doctor could be many things, or it might simply come down to good data. As more data becomes available through digitized health records and personal health monitoring or quantified self devices, it’s becoming clear that healthcare is one area of our lives that is grappling with benefits and challenges of new consumer technologies. In fact, you may hold more detailed health records on your mobile phone than what appears on a doctor’s chart, according to Gina Neff, an associate professor who runs the Project on Communication Technology and Organizational Practices at the University of Washington.


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