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Why Should Social Scientists Start Working With Big Data?

Professor Gina Neff, Oxford Internet Institute, talks about the importance of social scientists getting involved with big data and computational methods.

Culture Digitally: Article Translated Into Spanish

My piece on genetic information markers, published in Culture Digitally in 2013, has been translated into Spanish.

Book Reading at SXSW 2017: Self-Tracking: Wearables, Hacks & Your New Normal

I’m excited to be presenting Self-Tracking with Dawn Nafus at SXSW 2017 in March in Austin Texas.


Self-Tracking: Wearables, Hacks & Your New Normal


There is an explosion of self-directed tracking on smartphones and wearable devices. A whopping 110 million wearable sensors shipped in 2016. This session is a book talk by the authors of an “essential knowledge” book published this year by MIT– Self-Tracking, which Science magazine called “excellent” and “nuanced.” The authors show how early adopters are recording, analyzing, and reflecting on data from wearables and mobile sensors. In this session you’ll learn why communities are important for making meaning from data and why people sometimes hack these devices in ways at odds with how they were designed. You’ll learn about why your new normal will emerge and why it matters.

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