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In the Battle Over Personal Health Data, 23andMe and the FDA Are Both Wrong

Just wrote for Slate’s Future Tense on the current regulator battles over personal health data.

Last month, the FDA told 23andMe to stop marketing direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits. The FDA wants assurance that the company has “analytically or clinically validated” the genetic data that they provide their customers. The company has claimed that it provides information and data, not medical advice, but this week it announced that for now, it will only sell “raw” genetic data analysis and ancestry reports, just not health interpretations.

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Why Big Data Won’t Cure Us

The biggest challenge for the use of “big data” in health care is social, not technical. Data-intensive approaches to medicine based on predictive modeling hold enormous potential for solving some of the biggest and most intractable problems of health care. The challenge now is figuring out how people, both patients and providers, will actually use data in practice.

Big Data, September 2013, 1(3): 117-123. doi:10.1089/big.2013.0029.

Guardian and ProPublica Chat: How Do Unpaid Internships Impact Industry?

I joined several journalists for a conversation about the role of internships in the contemporary economy in an online forum organized by the Guardian US and Propublica.


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