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Self Tracking
Venture Labor
Surviving the New Economy

New York Review of Books: Workplace Systems: The Panopticon Unleashed?

Here is a video of my presentation at the New York Review of Books conference “Workplace Systems: The Panopticon Unleashed?”

The Social Life of Data

SMC Lecture: Gina Neff from TUTV on Vimeo. Dr. Gina Neff, a University of Washington scholar, discusses the ways in which data collected from smart phones and wearable devices fills a gap in healthcare. She touches on how this health information might educate and empower the users who generate it, in this lecture titled “The Social Life of Data”.

Digital tool plans and models

Here is a video of my lecture at the University of Michigan, “Digital tool plans and models.”


Gina Neff, author of “Venture Labor: Work and the Burden of Risk in Innovative Industries,” speaks on “Plans and Models: Digital Tools, Sticky Practices and the Thorny Problem of Innovation” during this talk at the University of Michigan School of Information. Her lecture was part of the Digital Futures Lecturre Series cosponsored by UMSI and the Department of Communications Studies.


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